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ChargePoint 6000

High-power AC charging for fleets

Comprehensive Charging Solution for Future-Ready Fleets

The ChargePoint 6000 Series (CP6000) is an all-encompassing, connected AC charging solution designed for fleets gearing up for the future of electric mobility. CP6000 provides full charging control, adaptability, and dependability, enabling fleets to lower total ownership costs and enhance operational efficiency.

What fleets can benefit from the CP6000 Series?

Delivery & logistics
Transit Agencies
Service & work

Versatile and Future-Ready

Cutting-edge, integrated solutions

Maximize your investment with a cutting-edge, integrated solution designed to support your business both now and in the future.

  • Customize charging with flexible hardware configurations and network settings, supporting up to 80 amps.
  • Control costs and complexity as your needs evolve.
  • Streamline maintenance and facilitate future upgrades with modular station architecture.

Operate with Assurance

Enhance charging availability, reduce operational disruptions, and manage total cost of ownership effectively.

  • Customize stations to fit your specific location requirements.
  • Guarantee charging availability with solutions engineered and tested for quality, safety, and continuous use.
  • Rely on our extensive experience and commitment to EV charging for your success.

Complete visibility and control

Comprehensive Tools for Efficient Charge Management

Achieve your business objectives with our all-encompassing charge management software

  • Eliminate guesswork and streamline charging with user-friendly station settings, real-time status updates, and detailed analytics.
  • Dynamically optimize charging according to schedules, route requirements, and other factors.
  • Maximize savings and minimize installation costs through effective power management.