Used Buses


The Used Buses Program by Damera Corporation presents a unique opportunity for transit agencies, businesses, and organizations to acquire high-quality, reliable buses at a cost-effective price point. This program is designed to meet the diverse needs of customers seeking dependable transportation solutions while also contributing to sustainability efforts through the repurposing of pre-owned vehicles.

Benefits for Customers:
Cost Savings:
  • The program allows organizations to achieve significant cost savings compared to purchasing new buses, freeing up resources for other operational needs.

Quick Fleet Expansion:
  • Rapidly expand or upgrade a fleet with minimal lead time, as the buses in the program are readily available.

Sustainability Impact:
  • Contribute to sustainability goals by adopting a more environmentally friendly approach to fleet management through the reuse of buses.

Reliability and Performance:
  • Benefit from the reliability and performance of well-maintained buses without the premium associated with brand-new vehicles.