Terra DC Wallbox


Complying to CE standards

The Terra DC Wallbox ensures a forward-looking investment by accommodating both current and upcoming electric vehicles with its high-voltage charging capabilities. This versatile solution is suitable for a broad range of applications, featuring an ultra-compact design that is both secure and dependable, making it suitable for residential use as well.

Terra DC Wallbox Specification

0 … 22.5 kW
24 kW (peak)
CCS 150 … 920 V DC
CHAdeMO 150 … 500 V DC
≥ 92 % at full power
Height 770 mm
Width 584 mm
Depth 294 mm
60 kg, excluding backplate (10 kg)
and cables

In urban settings, where space is limited, agencies should prioritize the compact design of the ABB Terra DC Wallbox. This solution is ideal for fast-charging capabilities, ensuring efficient turnaround times for buses with frequent stops.

Intelligent design: compact, convenient, connected

The Terra DC wallbox stands as an intelligent investment in e-mobility. Created in collaboration with prominent electric vehicle manufacturers, this DC wallbox provides rapid charging within a remarkably compact design.

Future proof: ROI maximized

Designed to seamlessly integrate with both current and upcoming electric vehicles, the Terra DC enhances revenue potential for operators. It comes equipped with a built-in connection to the ABB Ability platform, guaranteeing secure payments and efficient asset management.

Safety: built-in protection

Safety is a fundamental principle for both ABB's business and the Terra DC wallbox. Crafted by ABB to adhere to the most stringent safety standards, it has demonstrated its reliability through independent certification tests conducted globally. The ABB Terra DC wallbox is a secure and dependable choice, even for residential use.


Multi-tenant homes, residential communities


Small and large offices, business parks and complexes


Hotels & hospitality sports institutions, shopping centers, commercial fleets, public or private campus, parking structures, car dealerships, race tracks

Public Assets

Bus depots, utility, sensitive grid applications


The Terra DC wallbox represents a forward-looking investment, catering to both present and future electric vehicles through high-voltage charging. Its versatility extends to a broad range of applications within an exceptionally compact design, ensuring safety and reliability, even for residential use.
Load Management

Smart charging via OCPPS

Set up for external energy meter integration for dynamic load management

Ready for integration with advanced smart building energy system

Built-in safety


Overvoltage and undervoltage

Ground fault

Surge protection

PE (protective earth) continuity monitoring

Leakage current monitor protection


GSM/ 3G/ 4G



Intelligent Design

CE variants:
– 0- 22.5 kW, 24 kW (peak) / 60A
– Three phase up to 22 kW / 32 A

UL variants:– Single phase: 19.5 kW @ 208 V / 60A ; 22.5 kW @ 240 V / 60A–  Three phase: 0- 22.5 kW, 24 kW (peak) / 60A

Charging Voltage: CCS: 150- 920 V DC

Outdoor and indoor installation
NEMA 3 &IP 54


CE variants:
– Single output: CCS2
– Dual output: CCS2+ CHAdeMO

UL variants:
– 1-Phase input,single output:

– 1-Phase input,dual output:

– 3-Phase input, single output:
CCS1– 3-Phase input,dual output: CCS1+ CHAdeMO