Temsa TS45e

56 Seats


This bus is available in Canada. Please switch to the CA version to see all Temsa models.




Interior Height


54,000 lbs

Front Overhang

Rear Overhang

265 ft³
Underfloor Luggage Volume


Motor & Body

TM4 Sumo HD
350 kW/ 3,700 Nm
(2,730 ft-lb)

Stainless Steel Monocoque Integral Structure


Li-Ion NMC
Battery Type

560 kWh
Battery Capacity

520 kWh
Usable SoC

250 miles / 72mph
Range & Top Speed

The TS45E's adaptable battery packaging size empowers end-users to customize their battery configurations, aligning with both budget constraints and desired travel ranges. Likewise, the charging type can be adjusted based on specific infrastructure requirements, providing a flexible and personalized approach to meet varying operational needs.

Lowering the Total
Cost of Ownership

Running the TS45E incurs lower costs compared to a standard diesel coach, benefiting from reduced expenses in both powering the vehicle and extending maintenance intervals. The strategic placement of electric-powered components, including the electric motor, A/C compressor, preheater, air compressor, cooling units, steering pump, and low voltage generators, enhances accessibility for service technicians. It's a straightforward equation; electric vehicles not only save money during operation but also minimize maintenance expenses throughout the coach's life cycle.

Temsa Tech EV Solutions

The TS45E embodies a quiet, powerful, and contemporary design that mirrors TEMSA's expertise in electric vehicle technology, seamlessly blending with the established attributes of the TS45 diesel coach. Building on the legacy of TEMSA's prior electric vehicles in Europe, the reliable battery and battery management technology is now available in Canada.

Convenient for multi-purpose operations

Contrary to the misconception that batteries consume all available luggage space in electric vehicles, the TS45E dispels this myth. With the TS45E, there is ample, unobstructed luggage space beneath the passenger compartment, ensuring passengers have sufficient room for their belongings. Additionally, the expanded overhead parcel racks provide even more space for a variety of items inside the coach.

Front Axle
ZF RL 75E - independent,
18,078 lbs Load Capacity

Rear Axle
ZF A 132  with 5 .22 
Dif . Ratio,  27,116  
lbs Load Capacity

Tag Axle
16,534 lbs Load Capacity

Baggage Doors
Aluminum, Pantograph Type

22.5” Alcoa Dura-Bright Wheels

315/80R 22.5 Continental

Steering System
Power Steering System with Tilt and Telescopic Steering Wheel
Tag Axle Steering System (RAS)

Independent Suspension with Air Bags and Shock Absorbers
Full Lifting and Front Kneeling

Chrome Upright Mirror w Integrated Turn Signals

Rub Rails, WCL Ready

Safety is a Priority

Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™ is now being offered on the redesigned TS45 adding to the comprehensive list of driver assistance safety systems (ABS, ATC, RSC, ESC). The existing lane departure warning system, tire pressure monitoring system, 3-point safety belts, tempered-laminated side windows, and the high level of structural integrity round out the standard safety line-up.

the Bendix® ESP® System for Temsa Coach Bus - the ultimate safety solution for your fleet! With advanced features such as stability control and traction assistance, you can trust that your passengers are always in good hands. Say goodbye to unpredictable road conditions and hello to a smoother, safer ride with the Bendix® ESP® System. Upgrade your fleet today!

Bendix® ESP® System, All Wheel Disc Brakes

3-Point Safety Seat Belts for Driver & Passengers

Brake Pad Wearing Indicator,
Low Voltage, Engine Door Open

Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Bendix SmarTire®

Cruise Control System


Bendix® ESP® System
All Wheel Disc Brakes


Antilock Braking

ABS is a safety feature that helps to prevent the wheels of a vehicle from locking up during braking. This system is especially important for large vehicles like coach buses, as their weight and size can make them more difficult to stop quickly in emergency situations.

Another benefit of ABS in coach buses is that it can help to reduce wear and tear on the brakes. When a wheel locks up during braking, it can cause the brake pads to wear down more quickly and lead to increased maintenance costs. By preventing the wheels from locking up, ABS can help to extend the life of the brake system and reduce maintenance costs over time.


Automatic Traction

ATC can be particularly useful when driving on wet or icy roads, or when going up or down steep inclines. The system can help to prevent the wheels from spinning out of control or slipping, which can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle. By keeping the wheels in contact with the road, ATC can help to improve the overall safety and stability of the bus.

Another benefit of ATC in coach buses is that it can help to improve fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear on the tires. When the wheels spin out of control or lose traction, it can cause unnecessary wear on the tires and increase fuel consumption. By keeping the wheels in contact with the road, ATC can help to reduce the amount of wear on the tires and improve the overall efficiency of the bus.


Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a safety feature that helps to prevent a vehicle from losing control and skidding or sliding during emergency maneuvers or in hazardous road conditions. ESC uses sensors to monitor the movement of the vehicle and detect any loss of traction or instability. If the system detects that the vehicle is starting to lose control, it will automatically apply the brakes and adjust the engine power to help the driver regain control.

Also ESC can help to improve passenger comfort and reduce the risk of injuries. When a bus loses control and starts to skid or slide, it can cause passengers to be thrown around or injured. ESC can help to prevent such accidents and keep passengers safe and comfortable during their journey.

Electrical System
12-24 Volt, Continental Multiplex System

Electrical System
(Low Voltage)
2x12 V 225 Ah

Preheater (Electric) with 22kW / 68,000 Btu/h

LED Headlights, DRL and Fog Light, LED Exterior & Interior Lighting

Real Time Diagnostics off Electric Motor, Batteries,  Multiplex, A/C System


Recirculating, with 16 Gallon Tank

Rear Window and Tempered Laminated Side Windows

56+1 Reclining Seats with Leather Headrest, Piping, Side Boxing, Footrest, Magazine Net, Rubber Cupholder

Driver Seat
ISRI™  Air Ride 3-Point Safety Belt

Passenger Modules
Adjustable Air Vents, Reading Lights, Speaker

Driver Shades
Electric Two-Piece Overlapping Front Sun Visor, Manual Driver Side Sun Visor

Mobile Climate Control A/C and A/C Compressor Roof Cooling, Roof & Convector Heating

Touchscreen 2 DIN REI A/V System AM/FM/DVD/MP3/BT (6) 15” REI Monitors, USB Plugs for Driver and Passengers

Gerflor Anticwood

Optional Equipment

Enclosed Parcel Racks

Passenger Side Shades

Leather & Fabric Seat Options

HDMI Media Kit

REI 360 Camera System

Destination Sign

Braun Wheelchair Lift

REI Cordless Microphone

Driver Microphone

External DVD

Diesel Preheater (32kW)

This product is available for the Canadian market